Middle School Sailing

Is a feeder program for our High School Sailing Team. 

Middle School Sailing is an extension of the program. Our goal is to give sailors who are serious about sailing the chance to start early and develop fundamentals so they hit the ground running when they enter High School!


What is Middle School Sailing?

First off, our Middle School Program is constantly evolving! We started it just about 3 years ago to meet increasing demand for more after-school sailing opportunities for kids younger than High School age. Originally the program was for just 7th and 8th graders - now we have sailors in 5th grade!

Becacuase of the age and size range from 5th to 8th grade, we began splitting Middle School sailing into 2 groups: younger/smaller sailors into Optis and older/bigger sailors into our double handed boats.


Basic Details

Middle School Sailing practices are Tuesday and Thursdays. Check season for times.

For current dues, season, and sign up go to our registration page.

Middle School Sailing operates alongside High School Sailing, checkout the team calendar for dates.

Middle School Sailors don't typically compete in regattas. This could change as new and younger Middle School Sailors advanced their opti sailing and seek out opti competitions that happen year round. Otherwise, Middle School sailors wait till they are old enough to do high school sailing to attend regattas.


The Future

Our goal with Middle School Sailing is that our younger sailors who are in Optis expand their horizons and if they're dedicated and passionate about the sport seek competing in Opti regattas - which occur year round! 

As young middle school sailors transition out of Optis and into larger boats, the Middle School Team will help them transition to the more competitive and busy High School Sailing Team. Some 8th graders do participate on the High School Team if they have enough experience/are mature enough.