New High School Sailors:

  • Must be in 9-12th grade
  • Any school is welcome
  • Some 8th graders may join based on maturity and skill, contact

New Middle School Sailors:

  • 7-8th Graders sign up for Middle School Sailing

Returning Middle School Sailors:

  • 8th Graders may be on the High School or Middle School Team depending on experience and maturity
    • 8th Graders should contact Coach Sarah ( to determine which Team to register for
  • 7th Graders and lower should sign up for the Middle School Sailing Team

Opti Race Team:

  • Typically for sailors 7-12 years old
  • Sailors around 100lbs or less sign up for Opti Race Team (ages 7-12)

No registration is considered "official" until dues are paid. Dues must be paid no later than the first day of Fall 2018, for your respective team.


  • High School Sailing Team $375 per sailor (1/2 for siblings)
  • Middle School Sailing Team $250 per sailor.
  • Opti Race Team $250 per sailor.

Scholarships for Free/Reduced Lunch Students or equivalent:

  • Arrange through The Sailing Foundation (TSF); email

Start of Practice:

  • High School  Sailing Team: 1st Day of Practice September 10th
  • Middle School Team: 1st Day of Practice September 11th
  • Opti Race Team: 1st Day of Practice TBD (will start on the same week, Sept 10-14th)


  • High School Sailing Team : M/W/F 3:30-6:45
  • Middle School Sailing Team: T/Th, 4-6:45
  • Opti Race Team: To be Determined, 4-6:45


The Regatta Sign Up Form for the OYC High School Sailing Team will go live closer to the start of the season - please see Regatta Rules and Expectations before signing up for Regattas.

There is no Regatta Sign Up form for Middle School or Opti Race Team - the coach will inform parents of one-off events and racing opportunities.