Fall 2018 Regatta Schedule & Sign- Up Form

Below are all the regattas in our District and ones outside our region that are possible for us to attend this Fall.

  • The list of regattas below is formatted from the official NWISA calendar, with specifics for our program.

    • OR from the NWYRC website that lists any Opti events

  • ALL regattas can be attended by ALL of our sailors, regardless of school, skill, age etc.

  • Read carefully. Some weekends have more than one regatta, and we may send sailors to both events!

  • Not sure if you've signed up for an event or not? Check out the Regatta Sign-Up Sheet (FYI - you'll need the password to do so, as the sign-up sheet is not view-able publicly).

  • Have questions about a specific regatta, or not sure if you'd like to sign up? Email the the coach: oychighschoolsailing@gmail.com

All of our sailors can attend any regatta, there are only a few exceptions, but they are self evident.

Review the Regatta Calendar below to get an idea about each regatta and how it relates to our team:

  • Regattas highlighted in GREEN are all the events the OYC plans to attend, and only they will appear on the Sign Up form

  • Regattas highlighted in YELLOW are National Events OYC must qualify for.

Regatta Calendar

* stay tuned for the calendar *

Regatta Sign- Up Form

The Regatta Sign Up Form is how you officially let the Coach know your ability to attend a regatta YES or NO. 

It is in our Team Rules that sailors will inform the Coach of their ability to go, YES or NO, this way the Coach knows a sailor simply didn’t forget to sign up.

* stay tuned for the sign-up form *