Regatta Schedule & Sign- Up Form

Below are all the regattas in our District and ones outside our region that are possible for us to attend this Fall.

  • The list of regattas below is formatted from the official NWISA calendar, with specifics for our program.

    • OR from the NWYRC website that lists any Opti events

  • ALL regattas can be attended by ALL of our sailors, regardless of school, skill, age etc.

  • Read carefully. Some weekends have more than one regatta, and we may send sailors to both events!

  • Not sure if you've signed up for an event or not? Check out the Regatta Sign-Up Sheet (FYI - you'll need the password to do so, as the sign-up sheet is not view-able publicly).

  • Have questions about a specific regatta, or not sure if you'd like to sign up? Email the the coach:

All of our sailors can attend any regatta

Review the Regatta Calendar below to get an idea about each regatta and how it relates to our team:

  • Green highlighted regattas are stand alone district events, some big, some small but ALL of them are great opportunities for anyone to go sailing.

  • Regattas in yellow are qualifying regattas for bigger events, but the may have additional fleets, or courses for sailors who do intend on moving on, but want the opportunity to sail. Ask the Coach if you’re not sure if a regatta is right for you or not.

  • Orange events we must qualify to attend, or submit a request to attend.

Regatta Calendar

Regatta Schedule.jpg

Regatta Sign- Up Form

The Regatta Sign Up Form is how you officially let the Coach know your ability to attend a regatta YES or NO. 

It is in our Team Rules that sailors will inform the Coach of their ability to go, YES or NO, this way the Coach knows a sailor simply didn’t forget to sign up.