August 28th 2019 @6pm New Sailing Parent Information Meeting



  • Varsity Sailing Team $375 per sailor (1/2 for siblings)*

  • JV Sailing Team $250 per sailor (1/2 for siblings)*

  • Opti Race Team $250 per sailor (1/2 for siblings)*

    *all team dues may be subject to change season to season

  • Dues are DUE the first day of practice

    • Registering reserves your spot. If dues are not paid after the first day of practice your spot may be given to a wait list sailor.

Scholarships for Free/Reduced Lunch Students or equivalent:

  • Arrange through The Sailing Foundation (TSF); email

1st Practice:

  • Varsity Practice Starts September 9th (Mon, Wed, Fri 3:30-6:45pm) end on November 1st

  • Junior Varsity Practice Starts September 10th (Tues, Thurs, 3:30-6:45pm) end on October 31st

  • Opti Race Team TBD


  • Varsity M/W/F 3:00-6:45

  • JV: T/Th 3:30-6:30

  • Opti Race Team: TBD


The Regatta Sign Up Form for the OYC High School Sailing Team will go live closer to the start of the season - please see Regatta Rules and Expectations before signing up for Regattas.


Include ALL of the email address you want to receive generic team correspondence in the PARENTS email field

**We do not change/remove/edit or otherwise alter email addresses. If you do not enter the ones you want; if they are entered incorrectly; entered for the wrong sailor, etc. you will not receive team emails until you reach out directly to the Coach to correct the error**

…What about Regatta Emails?

Every time you register for a regatta INCLUDE ALL the email address you want to receive information about said regatta. The Coach does NOT email the entire team-list regarding each regatta. You MUST sign up for regattas you want to go to, enter all emails important to you, and you will receive relevant regatta emails.