Why are there three different tiers? 

We recognize that families have different abilities to pay and have developed this voluntary three-tier fee structure to best meet everyone’s needs. Simply select the rate appropriate for your family’s budget. This is completely confidential and does not impact your child’s experience in any way.

In all tiers the fees below provide access to boats, program equipment, and coaching.

Tier Chart for Fees.png


Sailors who participate in Fall and Spring seasons will be registered as a team by the Coach. These regattas are generally cheaper, with each sailor’s cost being around $5-20 per regatta. Sailors who participate in Summer Race Team will register for regattas individually. The registration cost varies by regatta, usually around $30-45.

If regatta fees represent a barrier to participation in the OYC HS Sailing Team, scholarships are available. This fee structure is designed to ensure no one is turned away.  So, if your family needs it, please contact to learn more. 

Scholarships for Free/Reduced Lunch Students or equivalent:

  • Arrange through The Sailing Foundation (TSF); email

August 28th 2019 @6pm New Sailing Parent Information Meeting

1st Practice:

  • Varsity Practice Starts September 9th (Mon, Wed, Fri 3:30-6:45pm) end on November 1st

  • Junior Varsity Practice Starts September 10th (Tues, Thurs, 3:30-6:45pm) end on October 31st

  • Opti Race Team TBD


  • Varsity M / W / F 3:00-6:45

  • JV: T / Th 3:30-6:45

  • Opti Race Team: M / W / F 4-7pm (will end earlier as daylight reduces)


The Regatta Sign Up Form for the OYC High School Sailing Team will go live closer to the start of the season - please see Regatta Rules and Expectations before signing up for Regattas.


Include ALL of the email address you want to receive generic team correspondence in the PARENTS email field

**We do not change/remove/edit or otherwise alter email addresses. If you do not enter the ones you want; if they are entered incorrectly; entered for the wrong sailor, etc. you will not receive team emails until you reach out directly to the Coach to correct the error**

…What about Regatta Emails?

Every time you register for a regatta INCLUDE ALL the email address you want to receive information about said regatta. The Coach does NOT email the entire team-list regarding each regatta. You MUST sign up for regattas you want to go to, enter all emails important to you, and you will receive relevant regatta emails.