Junior Instructors (JI's)

Junior Instructors are an "apprenticeship" role, where young sailors can learn the skills necessary to pass their US Sailing Level 1 Course, and build a resume to be hired as an Instructor in the future.

Junior Instructors should view their role as an apprenticeship. The main responsibility of
JI’s are to shadow US Sailing Instructors, and be present in a boat with students while
sailing. Ideally JI’s are improving their own sailing skills while learning how to properly
teach sailing. Specific tasks may include: preparing & putting away safety boats,
assisting students as they rig, making sure equipment is put away properly,
skippering/crewing for students, and miscellaneous tasks as assigned by the Lead


  • JI’s are never responsible for the students

  • JI’s should never be alone with a student/students without a paid instructor

  • supervising

  • JI’s should always be a help not a hinderance to a class

  • JI’s can only apprentice half days unless they have the permission of the Head

  • Coach and their parent to apprentice full days


  • Must be at least 13 years of age

  • Like a regatta, once a JI has confirmed they can apprentice for a week it is a commitment. Backing out, not coming the full week, or arriving late/leaving early, may negatively impact one’s ability to continue being a JI for the summer

  • Demonstrate a responsible, accepting and enthusiastic attitude

  • Be proficient in basic sailing skills

  • If you must miss a day for any reason for a week you have committed to, it is

  • your responsibility to find a replacement among the other JI’s

  • All JI’s must have current CPR/First Aid Certifications

  • Complete a free online concussion training course