Middle School Sailing & Opti Race Team

The next steps after taking a learn to sail class.

Our goal is to give sailors who are serious about sailing the chance to start early and develop fundamentals. See the chart below, and read about the Middle School Sailing Team and Opti Race Team to find out which after school program is best for your sailor - feel free to email oychighschoolsailing@gmail.com if you have questions.

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What is Middle School Sailing?

Our Middle School Sailing Team is constantly evolving!

We started it just about 3 years ago to meet increasing demand for more after-school sailing opportunities for tweens who aren't quite old enough for the High School Team.

Middle School Sailors learn the fundamentals about sailing, racing and work on boat handling and seamanship. It's ideal for 6-8th graders who want to someday join the High School Sailing Team, or who want to keep sailing post-summer!


  • Must be in 6-8th grade
  • Must be 100lbs or heavier

1 Sam Bacon, 2015 Toyota NZIODA National Champion, bailing as he works his way to windward in Race 2.jpeg

What is the Opti Race Team?

Opti sail boats are one of the most widely used boats in the world! Youth learn how to sail and race Optis competitively all over. The Olympia Yacht Club is working to grow an Opti Race Team. This Team is for youth, 7 years and older who not only want to continue to learn how to sail well, but race as well. Maybe they'd like to join the High School Team when they're older? Or maybe they'd like to race against other opti sailors in the USA, or in other countries?! Whatever your aspirations Optis are a fantastic vessel for starting one's lifelong sailing journey.

For Extensive Information About Opti Racing, Follow This Link:


  • Must be 7-15 years old


Do Middle School and Opti Sailors Go to Regattas?

There are some regatta options for Middle School and Opti Sailors, but not as many as High School Sailors.

As Opti and Middle School Sailors progress in their skills, they'll be able to consider attending regattas. For younger sailors the best season for Regattas is Summer.

Regattas outside of summer for Opti and Middle School Sailors are usually stand alone events, and are geared to the the skill level of the sailors attending. The Coach will inform parents of upcoming regattas, if their sailor is ready, and how to prepare/attend.


Basic Program Details:

Middle School Sailing and Opti Race Team practices are Tuesday and Thursdays. Check season for times.

For current dues, season, and sign up go to our registration page.

Checkout the team calendar for dates.