Medical and Liability Waivers

Any sailor who is intending to partake in any OYC Sailing activity must sign both of these forms and turn them in.


Code of Conduct

The OYC High School Sailing Code of Conduct is our teams standards, rules and expectations for all and any participating sailors, parents, family and coaches involved in our program.

Sailors cannot participate without turning in a signed Code of Conduct.

Note: the Code of Conduct outlines our rules. In the event rules are broken our Coach will handle general discipline.

"Serious" misconduct or breaking of rules will be reviewed by the OYC Boaters Education Committee - the Coach may consulted but the Committee will make the ultimate ruling.

"Serious" misconduct or breaking of rules typically leads to expulsion.

Forms Specifically for Parents

Any parent who carpools with sailors who are not their own or chaperones at an event must sign the Chaperone Policies and Guidelines Statement.

Any parent driving to a regatta and carpooling with sailors who are not their own must sign the Driver's Agreement