Summer Race Team Regatta Sign Up

There are separate Regatta Sign Up forms for the Opti Race Team and the Race Team.

*Summer Race Team Regatta Sign-Up Forms are not available for Summer 2018. Stay tuned.*

Below is the Summer 2018 OYC Race Team Regatta Sign Up form.

Please submit a separate form form each regatta.

You can find up-to-date information here, on the Northwest Youth Racing Circuit Website. NOR's and results will be posted throughout the summer.

**Special Note: the Ray Jarecki Regatta is always difficult to plan logistically I need at least 5 or more serious sailors to sign up for it to be worthwhile. You can attend otherwise independently, but if we are going to send a Coach, boats, etc. we need at least 5 sailors to make it worthwhile. This is a stipulation only for this event.**