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Olympia High School Sailing Attended Fleet Race Nationals in Galveston Texas. Over $5,000 was fund raised to help cover Travel Costs!

The Olympia High School Sailing Team attended the Interscholastic Sailing Associations (ISSA) High School Sailing Fleet Race Nationals 2018 Championship for the Mallory Cup in Galveston Texas, May 13-15th.

After practicing for 3 hours on Friday, plus enjoying the sights and BBQ, the Team was feeling good - but fully aware of the stiff competition and intense (hot and windy) conditions they would face.

Saturday the team started out bottom of the pack aggressively meeting the challenge of figuring out the course, and fleet management. Once the team began playing a upper-course left shift, that provided a consistent port-tack lift to the mark, and offensively seeking room on the down winds their scores began to improve. However the viewing docks for the event had no shade, tents were not allowed, and large yachts blocked the cool breeze. By mid-day a number of sailors (and Chaperones!) from both Olympia, and other teams begin to show signs of heat exhaustion. Coach Sarah made the call, despite the hassle, to move the team to a shaded area on land where there was no-viewing but it was significantly cooler.

Sunday the Team over-hauled their approach to the heat, purchasing a shade tent, and setting up on the grass on land in the shade of the trees. This help immensely with the team’s vibe, health and focus. Senior, Max Miller lead the charge as the primary skipper in B Fleet snagging a 4th place finish with crew, Junior, Kevin Hicks.

Sunday ended after a long day of intense by satisfying racing, with Olympia finishing in 17th out of 20 overall. Meaning for the first time ever, Olympia High School Sailing Team established themselves as one of the top 20 Fleet Racing High School Sailing Teams in the entire Country!!!

This is a monumental achievement for such a young, and rapidly growing team. This was the first, of what will be many National appearances with the goal of continuing to become, not only a top 20 team in the USA but the best overall.

Thank you to all of the OYC High School Sailing Teammates, Friends, Parents, Family, Teachers, OYC Members, SSSS Members and Supporters who donated to the Team’s Travel Fund, helped with practices, regattas, and other Fundraisers this past year.

Thank you to our GoFundMe Campaign Donors!


Olympia High School Qualifies for Fleet Race Nationals

Olympia is going to Texas!!!

OYC's Olympia High School Sailing Team dominated both Gold and Silver Fleet this weekend in Seattle taking 1ST in both fleets (that's a total of 46 teams and close to 300 athletes from all over the Northwest!). Capital finished in 4th in Gold fleet only mere points from third!!

Olympia will travel to Fleet Race Nationals in Galveston, TX May 11-13th. Fleet racing is like running a marathon and it's one of two National events, the 2nd National event we will attempt to qualify for is: Team Racing Nationals (think of a relay race + a chess match on the water)! 

Both events are highly prestigious and only the top 20 teams go to Fleet Race Nationals and only 12 go to Team Race Nationals.

This is a historic win for the Olympia Yacht Club and Olympia High School. Our sailors have worked incredibly hard, they're dedication to the sport and each other is powerful.

Annie, Caroline, Ann, zac and joy - Capital Hs sailors won bronze fleet!

Annie, Caroline, Ann, zac and joy - Capital Hs sailors won bronze fleet!

isa, Evan, Kevin, erin, macy, lindsey, max and owen. 4th in silver and bronze!

isa, Evan, Kevin, erin, macy, lindsey, max and owen. 4th in silver and bronze!

Rose Bowl Regatta 2018

For a third year in a row now the OYC High School Sailing Team made their annual pilgrimage down to the classic Rose Bowl Regatta in Long Beach California hosted by the University of Southern California College Sailing Team. Rose Bowl is the largest combined High School and College Sailing regatta in the country. With four divisions: one College, and Gold, Silver and Bronze for High School it is a massive event with with over 300 competitors and 120 teams. 

We sent down three teams: one Capital High School Team and two Olympia High School Teams.

High School Gold fleet historically has been reserved for only top California High School Teams. Meaning out-of-state Schools (like ours) automatically are fielded in either Silver or Bronze fleet. However it's our goal to do well enough in Silver that in the future we can petition to sail in Gold. This year we moved significantly closer to that goal.

Our first Olympia team in Silver, battled all weekend and were in contention for 2nd place overall - out of 30 teams! Max '18, Owen '19 skippered and Isa '18 and Evan '19 crewed. Unfortunately a frustrating protest at a leeward mark led to one bad set, despite winning the protest, the team had to settle for a solid 4th place overall. Only two points from 3rd place! 

Our other sailors: Capital and the second Olympia team cleaned up in the Bronze fleet. Capital sailors: Annie '21 and Joy '21 skippered with crews Zac, Ann and Caroline '21 aggressively pursued an-all out win and succeeded. Not only did they win 1st place, Joy and Zac won 1st in B fleet as well! Erin '21 and Kevin '19 our Olympia sailors with crews Macy '18 and Lindsey '18 were just shy of 3rd place in 4th overall. 

On top of sailing, and challenging themselves the sailors enjoyed the California sunshine and look forward to returning next year!

day 1 keel boat nationals! go max, evan, ciara and ian!

day 1 keel boat nationals! go max, evan, ciara and ian!

j70s head in at sunset after a long day of racing. go oly!

j70s head in at sunset after a long day of racing. go oly!

St. Petersburg Florida, High School Keel Boat Nationals 2017

Save your best for last (ok, not always) but this time we did!

Starts? Yup. Upwinds? No thing. Downwind asymmetrical angles and projection? ...We have some work to do.

The tally: we had zero breakdowns, zero broaches, zero twists, hourglasses, etc. but we struggled to sail deep, finding ourselves sailing hot and fast angles but not headed towards the gate. Weight. We didn't have any! The only boat under 500lbs - it was a fantastic advantage in the light air, and a bane in heavy air. But it's the one thing we couldn't change, so we focused on tweaking what we could.

Our mantra was THRIVE, and our goal was finish a race in the top 5... Well, we thrived all weekend, no doubt about it. As for a top 5 finish... Well the sailors like to keep me on my toes... But on the last race of the day, who comes whipping around the windward in 2nd - baring down on the leader? OLYMPIA. The final race! With the whole fleet stacking up behind we fought tooth and nail, and by the final leg snatched a solid 4th place. Goal ✔️

In the grand scheme of things it may seem insignificant, but to us it's the beginning of a journey. This was our first Keel Boat National, our 2nd National event and neither will be our last.

I'm so proud of all 5 of our National sailors this season: Owen Timms 14th at Singlehands & Max Miller, Evan Krug, Ciara McClanahan and Ian Connolly 10th at Keelboat. Not to mention all of their incredible teammates at home, it takes an entire team of dedicated sailors, challenging each other, and working towards a goal with passion to see it through.

owen rolling his laser like a pro at cressy qualifiers

owen rolling his laser like a pro at cressy qualifiers

team oly all smiles after winning keel boat qualifiers

team oly all smiles after winning keel boat qualifiers

NWISA High School Sailing Laser (Cressy) and Keel Boat National Qualifiers

This Fall the OYC High School Sailing Team qualified for not one, but two High School Sailing Nationals!

The first qualifier was for Laser Nationals, held in early September our team send a handful of sailors. Owen Timms '19 of Olympia High School, an accomplished Laser sailor who practices with the Seattle Yacht Club race team deftly won the Full Rig berth our district has to Nationals. Max Miller '18, Evan Krug '19, and Ciara McClanahan '19 all from Olympia High School as well competed in the Radial fleet vying for the second berth to Nationals. All of them posted strong races, and Max remained in contention for the first day. Annie Buelt '20 was the sole Capital High School competitor also in the Radial fleet - Annie and also had a slate of solid races, a sophomore this year we look forward to Annie continuing to flex her Laser skills.

Owen will be competing in St. Petersburg Florida against the other top Full Rig Laser High School Sailors in the Nation come October! 

Later in the month we sent an Olympia High School keel boat team down to Keel Boat Qualifiers in Vancouver, WA. Skipper Max '18, and crews Evan 19', Ciara 19' and Ian 21' sailed in light and challenging conditions - but handily won the single berth to Nationals. Go OLY!

Like Owen, they will travel to St. Petersburg and sail in J70s to compete for the High School Keel Boat Nationals title.

capital and olympia placed 2nd in silver and gold at districts!

capital and olympia placed 2nd in silver and gold at districts!

Team Race District Championships 2017

After two days of intense competition and  62 races the Olympia High School Team was tied for 1st in a dead heat with Orcas High School. Being the District Championship and final regatta of the year the pressure was on. Only 1st place would go on to Nationals. 

...It was a tough race and Orcas won it handily, but Olympia clinched 2nd place. Their first time making the podium at a District Championship! To top it all off the Capital mixed-team sailing in Silver fleet also placed 2nd in their fleet!

Both teams didn't graduate a single member - and they are all hungry for next year! Watch out!

two teams, 2nd year at rose bowl!

two teams, 2nd year at rose bowl!

waiting for wind...

waiting for wind...

Rose Bowl Regatta 2017

Eight OYC High School Sailing Team Sailors: four from Olympia, and four from Capital High Schools respectively competed down in sunny California for 2 days in Long Beach. They flew down a day early and had an awesome half-day long practice with the top High School and College Teams from around the country.

As it turned out the Friday practice was the windiest of the three days of sailing. Both Saturday and Sunday saw uncharacteristically light winds for Long Beach. The RC barely got an official regatta off, but our sailors had fun, swam, raced hard. The majority of the sailors were Freshman and Sophomores meaning this is an experience they can build on and repeat!